Save the Date for the Festival

August 18th and 19th, 2018, 10am - 5pm


Each year, the festival is evaluated by the artists at the end of the weekend.  Here are some of the comments made in past years:


"We had a grand weekend!  From sunshine and cool, to cobbler and music, beautiful location, delightful dinner and SALES!!! It was wonderful and all because of your great committee and community.  Thanks for all that you do!  We love to participate!"


"Great organization, great communication throughout the year by the art committee administration.  The best art fair around.  Party really great.  Everyone is so helpful and friendly!  Publicity got to more people this year and attendance has increased."


"You have a great group of people organizing and running this show.  It is well done."

" Thanks!  What a great Arts community!  I'm very impressed with the dedication of all the volunteers and with how many hours they gave.  Very happy to have been a part of the festival.  Loved my booth location!  Loved the entertainment!"


" I was pleasantly surprised at the clearness of the directions & markings when arriving & also at the size of the crowd.  The construction of downtown didn’t seem to discourage people. YEA! I also congratulate those of the committee in charge of the weather.  It was so much of an improvement over last year!"


"For our first time, very good experience. Great response from crowd. Crowd seemed smaller on Sun. Committee was great.  Very helpful & accommodating.  Hope to return!! Keep advertising. What about a Purchase Award program?"

"This was a wonderful experience!  Thank you for having me. My location, the traffic in the booth, the patrons, the staff – all marvelous. I hope I can get in next year.  Thanks again!"

"We had lovely weather – that is always the 1st determining factor –no control over that.  Show runs so smoothly – every year you improve.  Makes my job much easier.  It is my favorite show. "


"You do a wonderful job – are very good to work with, and it is always a joy to do the show.  Thanks for all of your hard work!"


"Thank you.  The show was great!"

"Very well organized.  Keep up the good work!  The party was fabulous.  What a treat.  This art fair is known for the wonderful artist party.  It is talked about amongst artists.  The hostesses were so friendly & helpful."


"Well organized; well run; very pleasant experience; hope to return."


"This is the best art show I do, for all the above reasons.  I don’t see how you could improve on it!  Thanks to all for the great time & hospitality!"


"What a pleasure to be here.  Thanks."


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